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KRYSTLE CLEAR: Questions for SSA


KRYSTLE CLEAR: Questions for SSA

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Many Barbadians read with cautious excitement the news that there were twelve more Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) trucks on the way to Barbados, by latest October. We are now used to the fact that delays, whether justifiable or otherwise, have become a real and at times understandable possibility.

However, this should be a time to examine how we got to this point where the trucks on island were not sufficient to meet our needs. It is quite easy, but ultimately useless, to blame the last administration for our current state of affairs.

A deeper examination is required to ensure that sectors in the public service that are not profit driven due to their larger mandate to fulfill a societal need are operating at maximum efficiency to minimise losses and wastage.






There are several questions that require comprehensive answers, including:



These are just a few of the questions that would require careful consideration not only for the Sanitation Service Authority but many sectors across the public and private sectors. Many of these questions may highlight operational deficiencies and training requirements that would not be quick fixes.

However, if we want to get it right, these are the kind of long-term plans that could go a long way in improving the way business is done in Barbados.

*Krystle Howell, CPA, CIA, COSO, ALMI, ACS, aka Mavis, is an Internal Auditor by profession, avid artist and a lover of dance.