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Day to support Black businesses in Barbados


Day to support Black businesses in Barbados

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Barbadians joined others around the world in celebrating Blackout Day today, but it is too soon to know if it was a success.

Lisa Niles, one of the organisers behind the event, (another is filmmaker Marcia Weekes), told Nation Online they would be in a better position to comment tomorrow.

They are scheduled to hold a meeting later today.

Niles said their actions should not be seen as racist, rather the initiative is meant to empower the 95 per cent which is stronger in number, but significantly weaker in wealth.

Blackout Day encourages Black people to spend their money with Black businesses in Barbados “in order to use economic power to fight racial injustice and economic disparity”, a media release said.

As a result, they are encouraging Blacks to purchase food, groceries and other services from Black-owned businesses. They have also set up a Facebook Group, Black Businesses in Barbados, to highlight some of those which may not be well known.

“The intention is to move toward a national Black wealth creation strategy – one that includes Black people at all levels and ensures that we do not replace the existing White-dominated structure with a Black aristocracy that perpetuates the practices of exclusion of average black Barbadians,” the release continued.

It is also intended for Black businesses to raise the standards of service and efficiency.

In the days leading up to today, several people on social media indicated their support for the venture (PR/SAT)

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