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People stealing from Harrison Point

People stealing from Harrison Point
Beds, ventilators and dialysis machines in the primary isolation room which is used for the sickest patients at Harrison’s Point. (FILE)

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People are stealing from the Harrison Point Isolation Facility in St Lucy.

Head of isolation facilities, Dr Corey Forde, said pillows, sheets, kettles, “you name it” and most recently, a PlayStation were stolen.

He said since more patients were coming to the facility, theft had become a problem.

People were not looking out for fellow Barbadians and visitors who came in after them because they were taking away a comfort, but these things also had to be replaced, either by donations or from the taxpayers’ purse, he noted.

“It is hard for me to say that because I don’t want people not to donate because they think something will be stolen,” Forde said.

Measures are being put in place to combat the practice.  (SAT)