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VIDEO: Losing hope for sinking boat

Antoinette Connell

VIDEO: Losing hope for sinking boat
Fisherman Brian Bayne’s uninsured boat capsized off the Crane, St Philip. (Video by Shanice King)

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Fisherman Brian Bayne spent the last four nights sleepless knowing his only source of income is sinking in the waters off Crane Beach, St Philip.

Since Thursday when he was first alerted that his fishing boat was partially submerged, Bayne said he had been trying to get help from the Barbados Coast Guard to haul it up, but so far the unit had not turned up after initially promising to be there “first thing” Friday.

In response, the Coast Guard said it had constant communication with Bayne and after an assessment, conditions made recovery a challenge. Another member of the fishing community, who did not give her name, said the response from the Coast Guard was not good enough. (Video by Shanice King)