“Bliss a top-class event”


Bliss Summer Edition once again pulled out all the stops to make sure patrons had a blissful experience.

From the spacious venue in The Belle, St Michael to the bar setups, food stations that included a popcorn booth and dessert booth, to a shoe check-in every base was covered.

Next on the list was the musical vibes and the DJs had that locked. While some queried the dancehall and reggae tunes, others had no problem jamming to them as Caribbean unity doesn't only involve soca music for the Crop Over Season. And the live performances made up for that slight "inconvenience" to soca lovers.


And speaking about unity, the make-up of the crowd had people from all over the region and as far away as Belgium

The well-dressed partygoers had a blast on Saturday night as the wind down continues to tomorrow, Grand Kadooment day, where revelry will be the number one thing on their minds. (NS)