“Island Mas heats up Crop Over”


It warm outside, and inside too.

Island Mas the Breakfast Party started slowly earlier yesterday morning, but then picked up steam heading onto Noon, as revellers thronged to Balls Plantation, Christ Church.

The annual event has become a staple for early morning party-goers, most of whom brave a lack of sleep from the night before to get in another party before Crop Over climaxes.

And Sunday was no different.

Lucky for the party people on hand, two early morning showers kept things cool, but by 9:30 a.m. the sun crept from behind the clouds to brighten up the day.

Most of those on hand made sure breakfast was the first order of the day before hitting the dance floor, a large staging area open to the elements.

There was plenty shade around though, and most of the crowd used the shadow of large tents to listen or shake a leg to Crop Over 2018's best tunes.

As would be expected, patrons were treated to a number of old school tunes in the early morning session, before this year's hits started to blare from the speakers. (BA)