“Biggie returns to Crop Over mix”


Biggie Irie is back in the Pic-O-De-Crop runnings. Today, he and Chris Allman are expected to record his Pic-O-De-Crop social commentary, written by Gabby. He hopes the song will land him a spot among the 16 finalists in the contest he was last in back in 2015. He was a finalist that year.

“I love the new format of the competition. Singing one song, I think is great, and I like the fact that there is no semi-final. It is easier as you face the judges at the tent and the final,” he said before adding that he will be among of cast of De Big Show.

Last month, he released his first song for the Crop Over season.

“Encore for this year was written by the same woman who wrote Country, Auriel Byron, from Trinidad. She sent it last year as a demo with the vocal and I said I would put it down till this year.

“I sent it to Chris Allman, he liked it, built a rhythm around and we did it. We made a decision to have something out there as early as possible so that I would have presence early. The idea was to release the second song Magic on May 2, which Auriel also wrote, but it wasn’t quite finished,” he said earlier this week.

Magic was released on Wednesday and like Encore can be heard on YouTube.

Biggie, who placed third last year in the Sweet Soca competition, will also be entering the Soca Monarch competition this year.

“I took a drive to the new venue. It’s massive and I don’t know if it will be as effective as Bushy Park ’cause that had a vibe to it. I am all for change and we’ll see how it goes,” he said.

He was glad to see the Bajaramas on the Crop Over calendar and noted that he will be among the performers tomorrow at the third event which is being staged at Three Houses Park in St Philip.

“I’m glad they’re back on and the artistes could get time to showcase their new material. They help set the tone for the festival and give people the chance to hear new music and give the artistes the chance to sing their songs and get their feet wet for the festival,” said Biggie, who won the Sweet Soca contest with Pangkatang in 2014. (GBM)