“CCJ rules for Jagdeo”


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Tuesday ruled that the motion of no confidence filed against the Guyana government last December was successfully passed in the National assembly.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo had challenged the ruling of the Court of Appeal in his country that invalidated the motion of no confidence that he had successfully piloted in the National Assembly in December 21, last year.

One of the main issues in that case was whether 33 or 34 votes were required to carry the motion given that the membership of the National Assembly totalled 65 members.

When the matters came before the High Court in Guyana in January, it ruled that only 33 votes were required. However, on appeal to the Court of Appeal, the three-member panel by a 2-1 majority held that 34 votes were required.

CCJ President, Justice Adrian Saunders, who delivered the ruling, said the Court had found that 33 was the majority in the Guyana Parliament and therefore the motion was passed by a majority.

Charrandass Persaud, who was then a government legislator, voted in support of the motion in the National Assembly, ensuring that the coalition administration lost its one-seat majority in the 65-member legislative body.

The CCJ also ruled that it could not invalidate the vote of Persaud and also threw out the argument that he needed to vote for his list.

The parties will meet on June 24 when the possible consequential orders will be discussed. (CMC)