“ Anti-doping challenge”


The local National Anti-Doping Commission is finding it difficult to comply with the modified World Anti-Doping Code.

While supporting the changes to the code, National Anti-Doping Commission chairman Dr Adrian Lorde, however, is urging the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to give consideration to the challenges facing smaller countries.

Speaking at a world conference on doping in sport which concluded on Thursday in Katowice, Poland, Lorde said Barbados and other nations simply did not have the human and financial resources.

“Small anti-doping organisations, such as ours in Barbados, have found it difficult to maintain compliance with the code and its international standards which are becoming more complicated and demanding,” he said.

“The recent Code Compliance Review undertaken by WADA clearly showed this to us in Barbados. Small organisations have little or no human resources and expertise but, for us, we are fortunate to have the Caribbean RADO [Regional Anti-Doping Organisation] on our doorsteps to assist us as much as they can despite having their hands full working with 17 countries.”