“Power outages expected across the island”


Barbadians can expect power outages for the next couple hours due to an issue with the generator at the Barbados Light and Power plant at Spring Garden, St Michael.

In a post on its Facebook page this morning, the island’s sole power company said, “we are experiencing an issue with our heavy fuel oil generators due to fuel equipment failure caused by apparent contaminants in the fuel, based on laboratory analyses”.

As a result, the company has enacted its load sharing procedures.

Customers in St Philip, St Peter, St Lucy, St George, St Joseph, St Thomas and St James will be impacted by the first stage of the load sharing process.

The company said it expected restoration of these areas is scheduled to take place in the areas of Whitehall, Speightstown, Mile And A Quarter, Marchfield, Six Roads, Beulah, Ruby, Wellhouse, Bel Air, Constant, Carmichael, Glebe, Newbury, Applewaites, Andrews, Blackmans, Sweet Vale Nesfield, Crab Hill, Husbands, Hope Rd, Pie Corner, Lancaster, Apes Hill, Westmoreland, Porters. (PR/KOB)