“Push against doping”



The National Anti-Doping Commission is pushing for the implementation of anti-doping legislation.

This, according to commission chairman Dr Adrian Lorde, will allow for the continued promotion and support of clean sports on the island.

“If that legislation is put in place it will allow us to fight the scourge of doping on the island. It will allow for things like the prevention and trafficking of drugs and the handling of drugs by the post offices and courier companies and give some kind of penalty to those persons who break the law.

 “Right now we could only punish athletes, but it will allow for the athlete entourage or people who may be pushing the drugs to be penalised,” he told Weekend Sport.

 “We have had through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) a draft of legislation but that [implementation] has not come to the fore. This is well over ten to 12 years now, but with the new code even if we had legislation it would have to be updated.”