“ Cabinet changes ”


Prime Minister David Thompson tonight reshuffled his Cabinet. He says he is forced to diverse some aspects of his ministerial portfolio which require daily oversight. He retains the post of Prime Minister and Minister of National Security. Freundel Stuart remains Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General. The following are the changes announced. Christopher Sinckler will be Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs. Michael Lashley, Minister of Housing, Lands also gets Urban and Rural Development ministry. David Estwick - Minister of Agriculture, Food Fisheries, Industry and Small Business Development. Transport and Works minister John Boyce takes over as Leader of the House from Chris Sinckler. Steve Blackett, is now Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development. Haynesley Benn, former Minister of Agriculture  is now Minister of Commerce and Trade. Stephen Lashley is now Minister of Culture, Family, Youth and Sports. Patrick Todd is now Minister of State in the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.