“Gran says it’s too late for apologies”


THE GRANDMOTHER of the six-year-old boy whose death is the subject of a police investigation has reacted with disdain to a statement by the Child Care Board.

“It is too late,” said Margaret Gill, as she responded to the board’s offer of condolences to the family of her grandson Jahan King.

“I beg them over and over do not let that child go back home with the mother because when I first saw the eye I was certain they would have taken him. “This condolence is ignorance,” Gill said, fighting back tears.

“It should never get to that. If them did take my grandchild and put him in a home I didn’t care because I would go and look for him. You gine wait till somebody lost their life to say condolence? What condolence you could give when you is the cause of it. . . .” (MB)

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