“Mum, 38, needs help for 12”


THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD; 12 children, four fathers, no steady employment, partial familial support, and a crumbling house with no utilities.

This sounds like a recipe for disaster – but it is the reality of Sangene Broomes, of Checker Hall Development, St Lucy. Even so, the young woman is determined to make the best of her situation for her children, four of whom are at home.

“What I eat, they eat and sometimes I do without. I make sure they clean and two of the children’s fathers help out and makes sure they eat too,” she said.

“And me, I does get humps and bumps but that don’t move me. Some people treat you bad because of how you look but I take care of myself and I got neighbours who would help. I trying to be happy, I just want the fathers to be there for the children because when I was small, I just had my mother.”

Fortunately, eight of Broomes’ children are being taken care of by their fathers, while she looks after the last four in her uncle’s ramshackle home, which she shares with one of her brothers. (CA)

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