“Good turnout by schools”


ST LUCY WAS well represented by the schools in that parish.

Darryl Jordan Secondary, and pupils from Ignatius Byer, St Lucy Primary, Selah Primary and Half Moon Fort came out yesterday morning to form part of the northern link for Barbados’ 50th anniversary of Independence.

The historic St Lucy’s Parish Church was the area where three of the five schools gathered.

Darryl Jordan, St Lucy Primary and Ignatius Byer covered that stretch down to Alleynedale.

Principal of Darryl Jordan, Stephen Jackman, told the DAILY NATION he was pleased. 

“About 400 students came out from around 9:30 a.m. to be a part of the Chain Link. We were given a task to cover from the power station [Trents] to the parish church. The chain stretched all the way up to Alleynedale.”

Education officer for many of the schools in the area, Lomar Rock, said he was heartened by the turnout of schools.

“I am pleased with what happened here today. We had a few areas which were not serviced. The areas which had people were well turned out. There were no incidents and everything went well,” he said.

He credited this to the Ministry of Education’s constant communication with the schools. He also praised the work of the police officers and marshals.

Well after the Chain Link activities had ended, students from St Lucy Primary kept the jubilation going. They stayed on cheering and chanting as they took pictures by the Independence decorations at the Theodore Brancker Roundabout. (TTY)