“Graffiti on walls of synagogue”


WHEN EMPLOYEES AT the historic Jewish Synagogue turned up for work yesterday morning, they were shocked to find that some of the exterior walls had been spray painted with anti-Semitic messages.

A team from the WEEKEND NATION visited the synagogue located in Synagogue Lane, Bridgetown, St Michael yesterday where operation clean up was already in progress. Several workers from Rotherley Construction Inc were busily removing the red graffiti written on the wall surrounding the ancient site.

Spokesman for the Synagogue Martin Steinbok said he believed the culprit or culprits were deranged.

He revealed that cameras had now been put in place to detect any future attacks.


One worker said some of the messages were anti-Semitic, while others made reference to the IMF [International Monetary Fund].

An employee at the Synagogue who asked to remain anonymous told the WEEKEND NATION it was the first time such an attack had been made.

The source estimated that the culprits would have had to deface the property “sometime early yesterday morning” as it was already there when he arrived for work, just before 7 a.m.

“It’s the first time that anything like this has ever happened that I am aware of, as Barbados is not known for anti-Semitism,” he added.

Once the graffiti was discovered, the construction company was quickly called in to restore the walls to their normal state.

The area surrounding the synagogue was recently upgraded including some restoration work which has enhanced the aesthetics of the entire area in The City. It is located across from the Central Police station. (RB)