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BLABBERMOUT BABSIE: Crystal ball, wha’ gine happen?


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Well, muh girl, life ’pon dis li’l “Treasure Islan’” gine on as usual, good fuh some, not so good fuh ethuhs. But as a frien’ o’ mine always say, “Life is wha’ yuh mek it” an’ wha’evah come in yuh life, YOU responsible, so yuh only got yuhself to blame!  I hear wha’ she sayin’, but I got muh doubts  ’bout dah one! Anyway, I leffin’ “evah man  to ’e own order”!I notice dat after all de to-in’ an’ fro-in’ sence dah recent unclear election result, you English en’ up wif a coalition guvment, de firs’ fill! one sence Worl’ War II! B’looka how de Conservatives was able, finally, to convince de Liberal Democrats it would  be mo’ beneficial to t’row in duh lot wif dem –  an’ now, dem two “foes” become “frien’s”, jes’ to form de guvment! I hope duh don’ fall out somewhey ’long de way an’ Labour get de las’ laff! Don’ leh we fuhget politics full o’ surprises! Gordon Browne had a good long run, an’, as we all know, neflin – good  or bad – does las’ fuhevah! Anyway, girichile, I wish yuh-all de bes’ wifdis new “union” an’ I hope it Las’!In de Caribbean, sparks flyin’ in a political fight dat gine on jes’ nex’ door! Election Day in Trinidad drawin’ near – 24th May, I believe – an’ from all reports, bofe parties doin’ all duh could, to come out ’pon top. Patrick Manning, to retain de power dat  ’e get so ’custom to, all dese years, an’ de Indian lady tryin’ to snatch it ’way from ’e. Bofe sides got duh ardent supporters an’ dis causin’ some trouble when tempers get hot! Only ]as’ week I read somebody pelt a tin o’ red paint all over one  o’ Manning candidates – a young ’oman – when she was walkin’ ’bout she districk! She tek it in she stride but still had to go to de horsepittle to get de paint out she eyes. Now, dah coulda bline she an’ was absolutely onnecessary, but people does get  so work up dat anyt’ing could happen! T’ank Jehovah, we en get to dah stage!I always got to laugh when I see supporters ’pon opposite sides gettin’ all hot an’ hostile wif one anethuh, while de politicians involve, laffin’ an’ drinkin’ up, all friendly-like – at leas’, ’pon de surface! My frien’ in Trinidad phone muh las’ weeken’ to bring muh up-to-date ’pon de happenin’s an’ which Party she hopin’ would win, but I en layin’ nuh bets. I playin’ a “wait-ansee” game! I en see why I should get stress-out ovah politics, ’cause, as far as I concern, any number could play. All sorts o’ t’ings does happen in politics an’ who is to know which party gine win? Tummuch slip-ups, chile! M’dear, neffin ’bout life sure nowadays, even checkin’ wif  a crystal ball en’ helpin’ now!Talkin’ ’bout a “crystal ball”, doh. I c’n believe muh ears hey lately, when Philomena come an’ tell muh she gine talk wif a “psychic” to see ef she could fine out anyt’ ing ’bout de money Clico got fuh she. I try explainin’ it gine tek mo’ dan a psychic  to help wifdah search, but I c’n get she to change she min’, so she gine next week to axk a question! White talkin’ wif Philomena, I get to fine out dis  en de firs’ time she went seekin’ “help”! She axk muh ef I don’ see all dem phone numbers in de papers – from as far as Amurica – from dese “gurus” promisin’ to improve yuh life, wifduh various oils an’ love potions! Efduh wasn’ gettin’ a response from Bajans, duh won’ advertise! I had to agree an’ start t’inkin’ diff’rent! C’dear, life mussee stressin’ we out much mo’ dan I t’ought! I din t’ink intelligent people like we coulda get fool so easy!                       Tek care o’ yuhself,
Yuh frien’ Babsie