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‘Bring the good,but leave the ugly’


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by Carol Ann Tudor From Pickerings to Nesfield, Hannays and Harrises, the sentiment is the same.St Lucy residents welcome the new development plans for the Pickerings area, which Prime Minister David Thompson announced last Tuesday in the House of Assembly, but they want to caution against bringing “bad behaviour” into the parish.Although the new venture, which will comprise a massive housing development with construction of 1 161 residential units, a 200-unit hotel, private day-care, a primary school, recreational amenities, doctors’ offices, a health clinic, barber shops, a cinema and more seems like a dream come true, residents are still wary about the project.Over in the nearby Hannay’s district, where the project will stretch almost into their backyards, Michael Springer said development could be “good and bad”.“I have been hearing it for a long time, but development has its good and its bad. If there is a cinema that would be welcomed, and in St Lucy there are not many barber shops or doctors, so the development would be good, but we have to be careful with those new residents coming down here,” he said.Another resident, “Tek 9”, said he hoped with the new development that he as a landscaper could get some work, and issued a caution against bringing “bad behaviour” into St Lucy.“Right now, down in St Lucy is quiet, so I hope they pick and choose who get houses down here, cause we don’t want that bad behaviour down here.”A nearby group of youngsters playing dominoes said they welcomed the new facilities as well, since “St Lucy could do with some entertainment”.“We would be glad to get some activities down here. St Lucy is too quiet. The fact that the area is dead though is a good thing, ’cause we don’t want no bad behaviour down here,” one young man said.Over in Nesfield, a stone’s throw away from Pickerings, auto body repairman John Hinds said it would be very good to have a new development in the area.“It would be good to bring more activity into the area because it has been a long time in coming. This area could use some development,” Hinds said.Farmer Marcus Hinds from Pie Corner said he, too, felt positive about the new developments.“Development is good, but it comes with different cultures, but we have to be ready for change. I believe all these new things coming to St Lucy will bring great development.”Residents in Harrises, St Lucy, said they too welcomed the new development.“I think it’s a great idea. It’s just a stone’s throw away, and to be able to get all the care you need and recreational facilities too in St Lucy is more than welcome,” said “Hartley Cat”.

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