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‘Cable’-less TV is here


‘Cable’-less TV is here

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BARBADIANS CAN NOW WATCH any television channel they want to – without need of cable or satellite dish, thanks to the “micro-computer”. The Net2Vu, which allows users to access digital television, social networking sites and live radio service through the Internet, was launched yesterday. And, according to Net2Vu’s chief executive officer Scott Weatherhead, 700 plus consumers have already signed up.Weatherhead told the media launch at Net2Vu’s offices at Sheraton Mall in Christ Church, that subscribers would be able to access over 150 premium live channels, and even rent movies. The CEO explained that subscribers had a number of packages, ranging from basic to VIP, to choose from.“[The service] doesn’t require anyone to run cable, install a satellite dish or an antenna,” Weatherhead said. “Customers can purchase [the micro-computer kit] at any retail outlet.” Net2Vu’s head office is in Barbados because the brand is Barbadian, he added.  The ceo, who “completely designed” the product, said it “has its genesis in Barbados”. Weatherhead said the multimillion-dollar service was being marketed locally, regionally and internationally to a number of networking companies that had viewed Net2Vu as having “incredible potential”. (AH)