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9-year-old girl forced into sex


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POLICE are questioning a 13-year-old female secondary school student who allegedly attacked a nine-year-old girl witha knife, then forced herto unrobe and to perform oral sex on her (the older student’s) brother.Reports reaching the Sunday Sun during the week stated that the incident, which is also now before Government officials, took placein the St Michael district where the three minors live.Sources said the nine-year-old was also forced into having sex with the boy while the sister watched.“What we can tell you is that the family took the matter to the police. The child was medically examined, and her hymen was not intact,” an official involved in the case disclosed.“What we are dealing with here is a serious matter. Very serious! “It is a case which has been brought to the attention of officials and it is being dealt with,” said the source, who did not wish to be identified.“There have been repeated reports about what is taking place among our young people, and we have to take these matters seriously, especially those relatedto sexual abuse.“In this case the child’s family decided to takethe matter to the police and to have the correct Government agency deal with it,” the source added.He said he was concerned about the growing incidence of sexual activity among the very young and called for parents and educational officials to speak to children and wards about sex, and how to carefor their bodies.When contacted yesterday, the Royal Barbados Police Force’s public relations officer, Inspector David Welch, confirmed that the incident took place a few weeks ago.“We received a report and the matter is being investigated,” he said.• [email protected]