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Tree drops in, scares woman

Andrew Browne, [email protected]

Tree drops in, scares woman

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ON WEDNESDAY about  6 a.m. 74-year-old Eleanor Ward, of Inch Marlow, Christ Church, received the fright of her life.
Ward said she heard something like “a clap of thunder”. After that she heard her son-in-law who lives next door shout: “Mum the tree come down and everything gone!”
A near 40-foot casuarina tree behind her house had toppled over, damaging her fence and two parked vehicles.
“I was so frightened I said, Lord have mercy; I could have been passing there,” Ward said.
One vehicle belongs to her son who is overseas on holiday and the other to a neighbour. Both are extensively damaged and buried under the trees’ branches.
Ward, who has been living at the present location for nearly 20 years, said some years ago she called the Barbados Light & Power to cut the tree. But her landlord, now deceased, forbade them to do so, saying that the tree had sentimental value since it was planted by his mother.
Ward said she contacted the Ministry of Transport and Works to have the tree removed but said up to yesterday no one had arrived.
Ward is anxious to have the tree removed so that she can repair her fence.
“People coming in and killing you, and I ain’t able for someone to come in here for me,” she said. (DG)