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Don’t want to rekindle old flame

Sealey Sandra

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Dear Christine,
FOR THE PAST YEAR I was having an anxious time with my boyfriend but can’t find the courage to call it quits.
He always has some excuse for his flirting and on one occasion, his outright unfaithfulness with a friend of mine who now lives overseas.
The last straw was when I found out that he’d gone on holiday with a woman from his office.
I could not get leave at the time he had his, and understood his going alone.
This however, was the last straw and I called it quits. At first it was hard, but then I met a very nice man who treats me well and of whom I am very fond.
My old boyfriend keeps pestering me to get back with him, but I don’t want to.
– M.M.
Dear M.M.,
OF COURSE you don’t want to. Apart from putting up with his flirting and the outright unfaithfulness, he then went on holiday with another woman. This is understandably the last straw.
You’ve found yourself a new man, you’re attracted to him and from all accounts he knows how to treat a woman.
So I am all for not giving your ex yet another chance. You say you don’t want to – then don’t.