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Looking to help man in need

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
I recently met this man who is crippled. I was very sympathetic to his situation. I went over to his house to see what I could have done for him, but his situation is needy.
He doesn’t have a ramp to get outside. Christine, he is sharing someone’s electricity and his refrigerator is not working.
I was hoping someone would be willing to give him a TV and a refrigerator. I have called the various agencies and they have promised to build the ramp and take care of the electricity.
I’m also appealing to your readers for help.
I am sorry to hear of this man’s sad plight. I am sure that any social care agencies or good Samaritans seeing your letter would respond readily to your appeal for help for this man.
I hope he gets the help he needs urgently.
– Christine