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Mother should put child in his place

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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DEAR CHRISTINE,After overhearing a conversation with my cousin and his friend, I had to write to you.His father raised him all alone and gave him everything he needed, and now he seems to be very ungrateful. He said when his father asked him about his school work, he lied, because his dad does not look at his books and believes everything that he tells him, and that his dad lets him do whatever he wants. It seems one day he was talking about his dad in front of his mother; she cursed him and asked him if he was sure his dad was his father and called him an idiot. Yet he tells his “mum” (as he calls her) everything that goes on at his father’s house and about all his women. He says his father tells him everything about the women he deals with. He says his mum told him not to let any woman come and carry away what is rightfully his.He agrees that his dad does not need a woman. I was going to tell his dad, but I changed my mind. Instead, we will try to keep our cousin from him. He is a spoilt brat and so is his mother. They’re two of a kind.Everything his mum tells him he believes. She told him his dad tried to take money from his account, since he has some woman and this woman has to go because she has his dad bewitched. She said that the woman was coming around the place too often and carrying away all his money. He has money saved up for him because he is supposed to be travelling soon. Thank goodness he will be away from my cousin for a while. He has some tendencies I dislike.– Sad Observer DEAR SAD OBSERVER,It is sad that this young boy is not getting proper direction from his mother.As an adult, she should be putting this child in his place and encouraging him to leave adult matters to the adults. She should not be sowing seeds of doubt in this child’s mind about his father since this could have a psychological impact on the child.For the child’s sake, whenever you get the opportunity, point him in the right direction and let him know when his actions are out of place. Remember, he is just a child.– CHRISTINE