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HEALING HERBS – Real men eat real food

Annette Maynard Watson

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Blessings! Where have all the good men gone?  This is a frequently asked question. Algie Harris of Four Roads, St Philip, is a Central American and Caribbean (CAC) cyclist, an ardent hike instructor, a man of the Creator and a gem. He is tall, well built, has an excellent personality, loves nature and enjoys the life that most men who are suffering from health challenges should follow in order to heal.Algie will share a day of his life with you and hopes that it can assist, because he uses many “silent doctors” of Barbados. In fact, his home is surrounded by them. Algie begins his day by focusing on John 16:13 and asking God to reveal the plan for the day. This is followed by consuming water, a fruit that is in season, and a bicycle ride or a swim. He then has a wholesome porridge made from oats or barley with soy milk, sprinkled with “silent doctors” golden flax or sesame seeds. He asserts that the Creator directs us what to eat in Genesis 1:29. Algie has an average of 49 heartbeats per minute.  He maintains that we must eat for strength and not drunkenness, therefore as he treks off to work, his afternoon meal which he prepares is mostly ground provisions such as yams and sweet potatoes with a lentil stew. Algie’s eyes twinkled when he mentioned that his stew is infused with many “silent doctors” including rosemary, thyme, onion, parsley, garlic and turmeric. A tamarind sauce completes this meal. He warns men to keep away from perverted foods including pudding and souse, pig tails, macaroni pie, alcoholic beverages and other processed foods. Instead, consume foods which will build up the body and not pull it down.When evening approaches, his final meal consist of a “shake” made from brown rice protein, bananas and dates. He posits that the Creator sets up absolutes to guide us, therefore he ate holistic foods even as a youth, and has never suffered any major health challenges. If he develops a minor cold, rosemary is his eternal healer.In conclusion, he implores all males to keep away from “tricked foods” whose packages are pretty but which contain nothing of substance.Additionally, Algie enjoys being male because it gives him a great sense of responsibility. He postulates that “being a healthy man using the ‘silent doctors’ gives him a great sense of well-being, a positive sense of responsibility and a protective feeling towards self and family”.  Ladies and gentlemen, men are precious gems placed here by the Creator to assist with the enhancement of the community. Algie Harris, like my husband and all other men, must be congratulated for complementing females. Thank you, pharaohs! Herbs do heal.• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted at [email protected] or telephone 250-6450.