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Accountants ‘can do more’

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Accountants ‘can do more’

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PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY in the Prime Minister’s Office, Senator Jepter Ince, has stated that an accountant must do much more than prepare balance sheets and make annual reports.Ince said that as the world continued to face one of the worst recessions in 80 years, Government needed accountants’ skills and expertise.“Too often, the accountant is seen as functioning within a defined environment preparing the annual report, preparing the trial balances, preparing the bank of conciliation statements or attending the board meeting to present a financial performance for a particular quarter or financial year. The profession goes further than [that],” he said.“Government and society at large need the theoretical and technical skills of professional accountants and support mechanisms if credible information is to be relayed to the wider society. In addition, accountants can play a key role in their social responsibility by minimising reputational risk and educating the general public,” he said.His comments came during the graduation ceremony of the Certified General Accountants 2010 ceremony held last Saturday evening at the Hilton Barbados hotel.Key roleInce noted that accountants could play a key role in assisting government in a number of areas, including expenditure reduction.“Year after year we would hear of a degree of excessive spending and Government’s cost in overruns and projects that did not meet budgets. Project management [and] the operations of those management systems are important and these are key areas that accountants can play,” said Ince.He said he was proud of the graduates and urged them to love what they did.“It is not the end. It is now the beginning for you. Love what you do and enjoy it. The world is now at your feet. You have been given the tool. And that tool is all-inclusive. And what the all-inclusive means is that you now have the ability to workplaces that you never thought you could before. Your skills are unlimited and are in high demand, so let this be just a fraction of your success,” he said.Ince challenged the graduates to “step out of your shell. Don’t be afraid to stand out and say you are going to row your own canoe up and downstream. Your challenge is now charting a new course and a new path,” he said.Vice chairperson of CGA Canada Board, Joyce Evans, said there was still a strong demand for accountants. She said the association boasted over 73 000 members and students living and working in over 90 countries. (MM)