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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: CBC capsizes Dream Box pirates

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Nesta,BACK TO CHANNEL 8!It had to come sometime! CBC finally outsmart all de Dream Box pirates, stop dem in duh tracks, an’ evaht’ing turn to a nightmare! Yuh would never believe de amounk o’ “viewers” dat had dem boxes, startin’ from up in de heights an’ comin’ right down to people like me, in de Turnin’. Evahbody try duh bes’ to get duh han’s ‘pon a box, an’ de salesmen was “doin’ dixie”, laffin’ all de way to de bank, ’cause dem t’ings din cheap. But, as long as yuh coulda fin’ de big bucks at de beginnin’, yuh could watch forever mo’ wifout payin’ anethuh cent. It wasn’ right, but so is nuff ethuh t’ings ’bout hey!CBC been tryin’ fuh years to put a stop to dis “racket”! Evah time de Comp’ny announce duh was puttin’ new measures in place to blank de channels, dream box owners jes’ laff, an’ call it a bare joke, knowin’ dat wiffin a short time, dem would be back viewin’ all de channels agen! I en know whey de leaks us-ed to come from, but yuh could be sure, CBC din seem able to stop dem up!All de folks in my street had a dream box an’ was always tryin’ to get muh to inves’ in one, p’intin’ out dat aftuh de one-time big pay-out, all muh worries would be over. But, not me soul! I en want neffin from “onder de table” ’cause I inten’ to sleep soun’ when de night come. Gettin vex wif CBC fuh poor programmin’ is one t’ing, but robbin’ dem is anethuh! So, I refuse evah time, an’ now it is me dat got de las’ laff. Dream box owners mus’ now pay up or put up – like me – wif Channel 8!Talkin’ ’bout dah Channel, doh! I know we gettin’ it free, but c’dear CBC, why gi’e we summuch Amurican programmes – a lot is re-runs in de States anyway – night aftuh night! I suppose it easier jes’ to transfer shows from MCTV an’ drop duh ’pon Channel 8, wifout rhyme or reason, but it would be nice to see some o’ we local shows, ‘pon a reg’luh basis – discussions, quizzes, game shows, comedies – dat would be far mo’ int’restin’ dan wha’ we gettin’ at present! Some nights, after de News, it profit yuh better to turn off de TV an’ save electricity! I remember a few mont’s ago de Comp’ny start showin’ a programme call Dancin’ wif de Stars, but it was way behin’ de current series ’pon  MCTV. To enjoy dah show, yuh should watch it “live”, so I en know which body was really int’ rested in it, ’cause mos’ people had de results evah sence, even ef duh din own a dream box or MCTV! T’ankfully, it din las’ too long! I got a li’l favour to ask CBC! Is tummuch to axe dat yuh name de Sarrduh night movie? Ef viewers don’ ketch it from de beginnin’ – an’ dis happen to me nuff times – yuh en got a clue wuh yuh watchin’. All yuh see in dah li’l box at de top o’ de screen is “Movie”! You mean to tell me dat de body in charge o’ programmin’ won’ know de name o’ de movie befo’han’? Or is tummuch  trouble to display de change o’ name evah week?    I mus’ han’ it to CBC fuh de way duh put all duh energies into gettin’ rid o’ de Dream Box Pirates!  It show dat when duh want, t’ings could get movin’! I hope duh succeed dis time, ’cause nowadays, wif such smart “hackers” all ‘bout, only time gine tell! Meanwhile, we poor Channel 8 viewers would really appreciate ef de Comp’ny would now tek some o’ dah same energy an’ put it to concentratin’ ‘pon improvin’ de programmes we got to watch. True, Socaholic time near, but we jes’ as important!
Tek care o’ youself– Yuh frien’ Babsie