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DEAR CHRISTINE: Dire need of food and clothes

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am a mother of four children. I am receiving Welfare and I thank God for that. But Christine, it’s not enough, sometimes I buy food alone with the money and still I need clothes for them. My children told me that they would like to go to church but they have nothing to wear. Sometimes it hurts me to see that I’m not able to provide for my children. For years I have seen my mother struggling with my brothers and sisters, and now I’m in the same boat. I have tried more than once to commit suicide when things that I couldn’t handle stressed me out. I have a job to start soon. I don’t have any working clothes and shoes. I have four bras that I had to mend up. I need to work. Christine, I need to hear from you as soon as possible. Life is so hard for some people.Sometime ago I saw this woman dumping clothes in the garbage. Her son had grown out of them. Christine, if you had seen these clothes! They are in good condition. I stopped her from dumping them in the garbage and took them for my son.Christine, tears came from my eyes to see the other things that this woman had dumped before. I looked at her and told her that there are people in this world who can’t afford to buy these things. – HelpDear Help,I am sorry to hear about your plight. Barbadians always give generously to people in need and your needs are many. But help may be coming your way very soon.Now that you have highlighted your plight, I am sure readers will  respond to your appeal for help.I will contact you as soon as I get any responses to your appeal.– CHRISTINE