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NCC show saff appreciation

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NCC show saff appreciation

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THE STAFF of the National Conservation Commission (NCC) had the opportunity today to actually enjoy the atmosphere and inhale the fresh air of one of the parks that they maintain on a daily basis. Over 500 employees, their relatives and friends gathered at the Bath Recreation Park in St John for the conservation’s Staff Appreciation Day. As children ran around playing in the breezy park, adults could be seen, eating, drinking, dancing to different genres of music, and generally enjoying themselves.Some of those who preferred more vigorous activity took a dip in the sea where they were monitored by nine lifeguards. Others grabbed the opportunity to test their sporting abilities as they involved themselves in a number of ball games. Sitting under a tent, enjoying a plate of food was NCC’s general manager Keith Neblett, who took time out to talk to the DAILY NATION. Neblett said that the first-time event was held in conjunction with his organisation’s 40th anniversary.“From reflection, a lot of [the staff] have enjoyed it and they would like to see it being an annual event. I think what has happened is that not too often do our staff get the opportunity to come and enjoy the facilities they maintain as a group. So we said ‘Well, look, our staff need to come and enjoy a day this facility a day in the week’,” said the general manager, adding that his theme for the event was Come, Sit Down, Relax And Enjoy Yourself.NCC foreman at the Crystal Cove Hotel, Cheryl Burnett, described the event as the “one of the best things that ever happen to NCC”, adding “I could do with one of these wonderful days every year.“We are having a wonderful time; this couldn’t be better. The employees from all over the country are getting the chance to socialise and better know each other. NCC has done a great thing for its employees. It is the first time and we are hoping it won’t be the last.” (AH)