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DEAR CHRISTINE: Wife dumps hubby for another


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Dear Christine, I have a good friend, she is married now three years. Her husband is a very nice man to her. He gave her everything she wanted; car, money, etc. He even rents cars for her when she is not working.Now she waited until he was at work and moved out, leaving his car that she was driving for almost four years under the garage. This man did every thing for her; the laundry, cleaned, pressed for her and her child and he also looked after the child at night when she goes to work.This all came about because of a picture he found in her purse. As I was made to understand from someone very close to them. She now drives someone else’s car. I was shocked when he married her, because she is not easy. She has two girls. What goes around comes around. One of these days she is going to want her husband, but he was too good to her. She and I used to work for a security firm and I can tell anyone, he was a good husband to her. I would go to their house, she lacked for nothing.People from the area she comes from say he should not have married her. But she should go and talk to her husband and try to make it up. I hope she does the right thing. Go back home to your husband!Good Friend G For the children’s sake, I would hope your good friend returns to her matrimonial home. However, it is important that she acknowledges the folly of her ways and not just returned for the sake of the children alone.While your wishes for your good friend is the best suggestion and hope, she may very well be bent on staying where ever she is currently.Remember the old saying – you can take a cow to the water but you can’t make it drink.– Christine