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Feteing, feteing…

Clifton HENRY

Feteing, feteing…

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A Ryan lime. Enter the Ryan Brathwaite Crop-Over Lime. And it takes place every Thursday at the Ermie Bourne Centre in Hillaby, St Andrew. Co-ordinator of the lime, Stuart Layne, says its all part of a plan to keep the achievement of World 110-metre hurdles gold medallist Ryan Brathwaite fresh in the minds of the Hillaby community and other Barbadians. Layne, an officer of the Ryan Brathwaite Fan Club, said the opportunity was being used to raise funds for an Independence lime in the community where there will be “tournaments involving cricket, football and dominoes”.The fan club, officially opened on June 24, was not prepared for the “massive crowd” that turned out on opening night, according to Layne. “We never advertised as such, and so we were caught off guard by the numbers that turned up,” he said. “It only goes to show the level of support and love in the community for Ryan. His success has really done a tremendous lot to uplift the entire community.” Layne said he was happy Ryan could be at the club’s opening, which was also attended by MP for St Andrew George Payne.The Ryan Brathwaite Crop-Over Limes will climax on July 22.