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Men of God expect healing

Mike King

Men of God expect healing

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PRIME Minister David Thompson will be healed – that is the certain expectation of Senator Reverend Dr David Durant and Bishop Dr Marlon Husbands.These men of the cloth are sure the power of prayer will give Thompson a swift recovery.The two priests led a team of church leaders who made this call at the Inter-Denominational Prayer Service for Thompson at the Wildey Gymnasium on Sunday night.“We have lost two prime ministers in office, Errol Barrow in 1987 and Tom Adams in 1985. The same will not happen under our watch. The Prime Minister will be okay. He will be well. God is in charge. He is our healer,” Durant said.Durant, who coordinated the event, said he was impressed with the response from the many church leaders who spanned several denominations.The Government senator was also pleased with the turnout by the public.“It’s proof that this is a caring and compassionate country . . . This obviously means a lot to the Prime Minister and his family.”Husbands, who chaired the programme, said the power of prayer would transform Thompson.“Prayer can breathe health and prosperity into his body. Prayer can break any sickness.”Monsignor Vincent Blackett told the congregation that he come back from the jaws of death, and Thompson, too, could recover with the power of prayer.Blackett said he survived a horrific car accident in Zambia.“Prayer is important. I remember a policeman out there told me the only reason I was alive is because I prayed too much.”There were also words of encouragement from Bishops Ophneil Forde and Wesley Dear, stirring solo acts from Mya Daniel and Paula Hinds, along with the strains of saxophonist Ricky Niles. There were also prayers from Apostles Paul Watson and Lloyd Henry.One of the most captivating performances of the night came from the Restoration Ministries/Sanctuary Empowerment Church chorale led by vocalist Alicia Cheltenham. They impressed all in singing How Great Is Our God.Pastor Sandra Johnson gave the vote of thanks and Monsignor Blackett the benediction.