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GIRL NEXT DOOR – Best quality

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GIRL NEXT DOOR – Best quality

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NOTHING WILL GET in the way of Lakita Best’s goals. Not even being an epileptic slows down this 19-year-old. “I don’t like to talk about it – not because I’m ashamed or anything, but that isn’t all of who I am. It is just a little piece . . . I want to show the world that epileptics can do anything we want to and to show them all the things that they can achieve,” she said.With those thoughts in the forefront of her mind, Lakita has already completed a degree in business and plans to enter the Barbados Community College or the University of the West Indies in September “whoever will have me”.“I want to ultimately become a lawyer because I was always the one in my family arguing everything. If I felt that someone wasn’t being treated fairly I’d be there arguing. I figure I am halfway to being a lawyer already,” she said.Law is not the only thing Lakita wants to master. “I am a little restless and I can’t see myself doing the same thing at 50 that I did at 20, so I want to have another degree under my belt so that when I decide to make a switch I will already have done the groundwork,” said Lakita.(Makeup and photography by Risée Chaderton.)