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Ole Tings rock party

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Ole Tings rock party

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YESTERDAY MORNING as the roosters crowed, a bolstered 5:30 a.m. party crowd at the Brewsters Road Crew Crop-Over event Ole Ting, New Ting was being instructed to Guh Down for the umpteenth time.But not a single person seemed to mind, as hardly anyone showed signs of weariness even though most of them had started partying the evening before.Once man of the hour Li’l Rick continued his instructions, the hundreds did Carry On and were Out To All at Soca Unda The Casuarina on Harbour Road, St Michael.For more than an hour, the man who told the crowd he “wanted it all”, after being selected in the Party Monarch and Sweet Soca competitions and was already named one of the semi-finalists in the People’s Monarch, turned up the heat with more of his new releases for Crop-Over 2010 and some of the old favourites like Hard Wine and Mash Up And Buy Back. But Li’l Rick wasn’t the only one to whip the crowd into a frenzy.Representatives of the Ole Ting – Trinidad’s Crazy and Barbados’ seven-time Road March King, Grynner – held their own with the young crowd. Grynner performed some of his winning tunes like Mr T, Roll Wid Me, Leggo I Hand, Wait For Me and We Want More, all the while lifting his shirt tail to show that the Ole Ting could still do a li’l wuk-up and juck to the crowd’s delight.Crazy lived up to his name with a performance that was wild, happy and a fantastic experience, taking the audience back in time with his much loved Nani Wine, Dis Is How, One Foot Cock and Cold Sweats while showing his own waistline shots for his 66 years.Who would have thought that it would be the New Tings – represented by Jay B and Nash who sang Feeling Good, followed by Shanta Prince singing We Own Ting and Wine On Some Thing – who took things nice and easy with some sweet soca as the veterans from the Ole Ting mashed up the place into the wee hours. (TM)