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Top ten for the party

marciadottin, [email protected]

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WHAT ARE THE TEN most popular songs so far this Crop-Over?Judging from response at fetes and airplay, it’s Li’l Rick’s Go Dung. The song which commands partiers to “go dung, go dung, go dung” and then “don’t stop down dey” is known to “mash up the place” whenever played and repeatedly gets encores.Blood’s Foot on Fire is another hot tune, and most party-goers can be seen kicking in a frenzy whenever it plays. His Boom Bam is another popular tune.Then there is Vacuum by the Air Zone duo. No matter where performed or when aired, the tune gets people joining in with “vacuum, vacuum, vacuum” as a clean sweep is made of Vicki’s house, including her mother’s and grandmother’s rooms. A crafty and catchy bit of double entendre.Soca diva Alison Hinds is also out hot with her Keep Wukkin, which commands women to “Leh me see de bumper, show me de bumper”.Then there are the two bird lovers Pong and Captain Sawyer, whose songs can also be deemed double entendres.Pong’s Leggo My Bird tells of his “guilty bird that did the crime and has to spend time in jail” but he begs, “Leggo my bird, leggo my willie.”Captain Sawyer, on the other hand, had his birdie stolen by a woman’s big cat, but the bird escapes and Sawyer tries to get it back, most of the time screaming to everyone he meets, “Hold ’e, hold ’e, hold my birdie, hold ’e, hold ’e, hold my birdie.”Skinny Fabulous’ We Charge Up has also been getting lots of airplay and has been causing a stir.The ragga socas aren’t being left out and Mr Dale’s Drop It and Natahlee’s Look Fuh Me are also receiving popular support. (CT)