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I like him, but he doesn’t seem keen

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear ChristineAFTER BREAKING-UP with my boyfriend two years ago I met a nice man. He moves with a bunch of friends and I have just become a part of the group, we attend events together.We’ve had a couple of kisses but nothing suggesting a desire for closer contact. It’s almost like a brother and sister relationship and I’m wondering what, if anything, the future holds for us.A friend of his told me he had a long relationship with a girl who left him and now lives overseas. It appears she never wrote to him after leaving. I know he likes me and I am beginning to love him. I gather he doesn’t like talking about her.– ANTICIPATING.Dear Anticipating,Maybe not as yet, but I feel in time he’ll be able to talk about her. If you can, be patient, and give him some time to grow closer to you.It’s for sure he likes you as a good and pleasant friend, and that is certainly something special to build a close relationship on.Of course I don’t expect you to wait forever. You’ll know when you’ve spent too much time waiting for some indication of a closer relationship.– CHRISTINE.