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Show love to QEH staff and patients


Show love to QEH staff and patients

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I RECENTLY had the pleasure of spending 44 hours at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) at my son’s bedside, and at the end of our two nights and a-day-and-a-half in Ward C7 – we consider it to have been time well spent… and we are honestly grateful for our experience.

Some people speak of “horror stories” at the QEH, but we saw no evidence that would indicate anything of a dire nature – granted we only had 44 hours “experience” so we are not saying everything is perfect there.

We can only attest to the time we spent there personally and the excellent treatment both myself and my 14 year-old son received in the public (lest anyone assume that I must have been the beneficiary of private care) Ward C7; in bed number 40 to be precise.

The most important learning experience for me personally was the ability to listen to the plight of the average working class Barbadian, many single mothers were on Ward C1 (and are likely still there!) and their lives are not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Our time was punctuated with happiness via our unforgettable “roommates” on Ward C7.

As for the reader, if you can spare the time, and possess a loving heart – please contact the QEH and see what you can do to help either the loving and hardworking staff as they go about their daily service to the people of Barbados, or to make the children who have to spend part of their lives there – just a little bit better.

I can guarantee you from the bottom of my heart and with every fibre of my being… there is something you can do, even a small act of kindness can go a very long way.

It is someone else’s child today, but it could be yours tomorrow.

The staff of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital are among the least appreciated yet most important in this fair land of ours, and as a society we must never forget that.