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FLYING FISH & COU COU – A reign of terror

marciadottin, [email protected]

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A MAVERICK with money and a relative public profile, who has been given some authority in the post-2008 period, has brought a reign of terror to bear on an important institution.The man has got rid of about nine people who had much to invest in that entity, and in Barbados generally. His last victim was a well respected gentleman with many years’ service at the institution.Word is that there is neither rhyme nor reason for his actions other than that a lifelong problem seems finally to be ravaging his brain.What is particularly galling is that he was given authority at the institution in the first place. Cou Cou understands that it is too important a potential money-making agency for those responsible to have placed it in the hands of an intellectual eunuch, whose main claim to fame is his frequent visits to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.The great escapeANOTHER MODERN version of the late Charles Ponzi is now far away from Antigua and the wider Caribbean and is safely behind barsin the land of the brave and the free.But Cou Cou recently discovered that the keen insight and diligent homework of an old general saved many a local investor from shedding tears over lost funds.Word is that a very prominent Barbadian with banking and other connections to the latter-day Ponzi, approached local authorities to get in bed with the foreign high-flyer.But after some checks, the old general told the proposer that under no circumstances would his ally get a foot in the island under his watch.Now, while we can shower praise on the old general, one is left to ponder what the real motivation of the prominent proposer was. A bank statement might present some answers.
VIP indeed!IT PAYS to be considered a very important person, even if it is just for a day.Cou Cou understands that a certain hard-working crew had a VIP tent in their name at an event in St Philip recently. The menu in place included steak, shrimp, spare ribs, Johnny Walker Black and Blue, Grey Goose and Hennessy.Fewer than 20 people were in the tent and half of them reportedly have never worked at the location in whose name the tent was pitched.They filled themselves at taxpayers’ expense, belched, and went on their merry way afterwards.The sad thing is that later in the evening the crew did not even get a chance to sample any of the goodies meant for them. Cou Cou will be keeping a close eye on the accounts department to see the size of the bill.
Weaving a tangled webTHERE is the one-dollar store. Now there is talk about the five and ten man – $5 000 and $10 000 to be exact.Cou Cou has been told about a certain individual who is raking in a cool $15 000 off every two jobs he gives out – and he is giving out quite a few.But there is trouble brewing.Word is that a feisty woman who has some clout – even if she has never officially ascended those hallowed City steps – is not pleased with the manner he is doing business and has threatened to blow the whistle on the temporary boss.But the man is not taking her resistance sitting down. Cou Cou was told manoeuvres have already been made to get rid of her. With her out of the way, it is being said, he can have the people with rubber stamps he wants, who will allow him to make allocations as he likes.