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Reco Greene: rapper with a dream


Reco Greene: rapper with a dream

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Faith without works is dead, and 19-year-old Reco Greene knows this.  For this reason, the aspiring rap artist is now putting his best foot forward to advance his career.  Green disclosed that from the time he was a little boy he wanted to be a rapper, but, interestingly, he admits that to this day he does not have an idol.  “I do not idolise anyone. I look up to Tupac and Jay-Z, and my brother, but I have no idols,” he said.  The former Combermere student is now in his second year at the Barbados Community College (BCC) pursuing an associate degree in sociology.
Why sociology?  “I used to do theatre arts, but then I realised that the acting industry in Barbados is very, very small, so I switched to sociology so I would have something to fall back on if the rapping does not materialise,” the 19-year-old said.  He confirmed that he really got into rapping because of his older brother.  “I used to watch my brother singing all the time, and I realised that I was good at it, and from 11 I took a shot at it. Then I got really serious about my music at 16 and knew that it was what I wanted.” Greene is also strongly supported by his friends.  “My friends encourage me and always tell me I have the potential to do good things. They also tell me that I am a good comedian so I should not drop acting completely,” he said.
Going by the stage name Blo Smallz, Greene will shortly be bringing out his own mixtape, entitled The College Boy Mixtape.  Greene admitted that although the mixtape was very time-consuming to produce, it did not get in the way of his schoolwork.  “When I was at school I never used to work on it that much, just on weekends and when I had some time off from school,” he said.  Greene hopes that one day he will get signed internationally, but would first like to be signed locally.  He will be one step closer to his dream if he is allowed to tour the US next year with his manager Anderson Craigg.  Until then he will continue working on his career in Barbados.
“I perform at nightclubs such as Bump And Wine and Red Rock Cafe. I also performed in a group called the Dream Squad earlier this year at BCC’s Got Talent,” Greene said.  He also revealed that his family was behind him 100 per cent in everything that he did. “Whether it is my school work or my music, my mother and brothers support me all the way,” he said.