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ESA Field Pickwick v Super Centre Spartan(at Four Square Oval)Toss: Spartan; Weather: sunny; Pitch: hard; Outfield: fast.PICKWICK*C. Yearwood lbw b Benn    30S. Hope c D.Marshall b Browne     17K. Hope c Carter b Browne    2R. Yearwood c Toppin b A. Marshall    14        M. Matthews lbw b Benn     2R. Layne lbw b Benn     2+J. Yearwood b Benn     2J. Gilkes st Niles b D. Marshall      43R. Edwin b D.Marshall    6J. Padmore c Nurse b D.Marshall    0R. Small not out     7Extras (b2,  lb5, w7, nb7)    21                    TOTAL (all out – 41.5 overs)    156     Wkts fell at: 33, 36, 66, 68, 70, 72, 89, 106, 128, 156.  Bowling: Gill 6-0-36-0,  Browne 4-0-31-2,  Blackman 3-0-15-0, Benn 10-2-17-4, A. Marshall 10-0-32-1, D. Marshall 8.5-2-18-3 SPARTAN W. Blackman c R.Yearwood b Padmore    4N. Carter c Padmore b Layne     38R. Toppin c wk J. Yearwood b C. Yearwood     2M. Bend b C.Yearwood     0*+J. Niles lbw b Small      17R. Nurse c and b Layne     10A. Gill c wk J.Yearwood b Small    2S. Benn c Gilkes b Layne    7          P. Browne b Layne     4D. Marshall c K.Hope b Layne    11        A. Marshall not out     1Extras ( b2, w7,nb1)    10TOTAL (all out – 40.1 overs)     106Wkts fell at: 6, 17, 17, 52, 78, 80, 87, 89, 103, 106.     Bowling: Padmore 6-1-21-1, C. Yearwood 7-1-20-2, Matthews 7-1-17-0, Small 10-0-15-2, Layne 7.1-1-20-5, Edwin 3-0-11-0. Result: Pickwick won by 50 runs. Points: Pickwick 4, Spartan 0.Umpires: Anthony Farrell, Roger Broomes.Match referee: Clifford Clarke.BNB St Catherine V Barbados Lumber YMPC(at Bayfield)Toss: YMPC; Weather: sunny; Pitch: firm; Outfield: hardYMPC +M. King run out    2J. Yearwood c Skeete b Batson    8S. Blackett lbw Bishop    29D .Smith c wk Griffith b Leacock    55S. Cooke run out    13R. Wiggins c Williams b Holder    66*C. Watson c Leacock b Bishop     0W. Lashley lbw b Williams     5T. Roach c Browne b Batson    35R. Jordan b Holder    20O. Wiggins not out    3Extras (lb1, nb 3, w 7)    11TOTAL (all out – 48 overs)    247Wkts fell at: 6,15, 92, 109, 116, 116, 124, 182, 241.Bowling: Batson 10-0-58-2, Williams 10-0-31-1, Holder 8.2-1-53-2, Bishop 9-2-23-2, Leacock 8.4-0-65-1, Skeete 2-0-16-0.ST CATHERINEC. Proverbs c wk King b Yearwood    0M. St Hill c R.Wiggins b Lashley    30N. Browne run out    28*K. Williams c Smith b Yearwood     0D. Bishop c Smith b Yearwood     0M. Holder b Smith    0+S. Griffith c wk King b Roach     5U. Batson b Roach     10D. Skeete not out     2C. Puckerin c Jordan b Roach     1 J. Leacock absent injured    -Extras (b2, lb2, w2)      6TOTAL (all out – 28 overs)    82Wkts fell at: 2, 48, 48, 48, 49, 64, 79, 80, 82.Bowling: Yearwood 10-3-13-3, O. Wiggins 5-0-27-0, D. Smith 6-0-17-1, Lashley 4-0-13-1, Roach 3-0-8-3.Result: YMPC won by 165 runsPoints: YMPC 4, St Catherine 0Umpires: Earl Collymore, Ricardo Harrison.Match referee: Mervyn Jones.LIME v Police(at Wildey)Toss: Police; Weather: sunny; Pitch: easy-paced; Outfield: slow.LIME+R. Thomas b Babb    12K. Beckles c Babb b Smith    38D. Cummins  c  sub (Lewis) b Babb    10A. Nurse c and b Hill     1*C. Browne lbw  Hill    0A. Towler c Corbin b Smith    11A. Holder c Yearwood b Hill     1A. Mason b Babb    26J. Marshall not out     17N. Charles b Babb    6C. Edwards c Mayers b Babb     4Extras ( lb5, w10)     15TOTAL (all out – 39.2 overs )     141Wkts fell at: 42, 68, 70, 70, 76, 78, 98, 123, 129, 141.Bowling: Mayers 7-0-21-0, Marshall 9-1-29-0, Babb 7.2-0-28-5, Hill 8-1-26-3, Smith 8-0-32-2POLICE*D. Yearwood c and b Nurse    13R. Williams  b Cummins    24S. Payne run out    12 A. Mayers c and b Holder    43    L. Babb c Holder b Marshall    26+B. Corbin c Nurse b Charles    2S. Hill  not out    8A. Phillips  not out    0Extras (nb2, w14)    16 TOTAL (6 wkts – 33.1 overs )    144Wkts fell at: 18 , 48, 58, 123, 136, 136.Did not bat: K. Marshall, D. Padmore, J. Smith.Bowling: Nurse 6-0-18-1, Cummins 8-1-27-1, Charles 6-2-29-1, Holder 7.1-2-32-1, Marshall 3-0-22-1.Result: Police won by four wickets under the Duckworth/Lewis method.Points: Police 4, LIME 0.Umpires: Patrick Grazette, Tunley Franklyn.Match referee: Carson Howard.Guardian General Barbados Youth v Banks(at Cane Garden)Toss: Barbados Youth; Weather: sunny; Pitch: firm; Outfield: fast.BANKSM. Nurse c Earle b Mayers     51K. Hurdle c Austin b Earle    30M. Maynard b Mayers    5*K. Alleyne c Austin b Mascoll     28+R. Holder st Springer b Warrican    18S. Campbell run out     7A. Sealy c and b Warrican     11J. Phillips c Earle b Warrican    0S. Simmons c Jones b Warrican    6N. King not out     6T. Hoyte not out    13Extras (b2, lb1, w12)    15TOTAL (9 wkts – 50 overs)    190Wkts fell at: 79, 91, 95, 132, 147, 157, 159, 169, 171.Bowling: Persaud 5-0-18-0, Jones 5-0-27-0, Warrican 9-1-31-4, Mayers 10-1-44-2, Earle 10-0-32-1, Mascoll 10-0-33-1, Kraigg Brathwaite 1-0-2-0.BARBADOS YOUTHKraigg Brathwaite c and b King    16R. Webb lbw b King    0M. Austin c King b Campbell    26Kemar Brathwaite b Campbell     25K. Mayers not out      86A. Springer c Alleyne b Hoyte    16J. Warrican st Holder b Simmons     0R. Persaud c King b Simmons    7J. Jones not out    5Extras (nb 2, w8)    10TOTAL (7 wkts- 47.2 overs)    191Wkts fell at: 8, 19, 71, 72, 130, 132, 149.Did not bat: K. Earle, J. Mascoll.Bowling: Nurse 5-1-21-0, King 9.2-3-33-2, Phillips 7-0-34-0, Campbell 10-2-28-2, Simmons 10-2-45-2, Hoyte 5-0-25-1, Maynard 1-0-5-0. Result: Barbados Youth won by three wickets.Points: Barbados Youth 4, Banks 0.Umpires: Ricardo Brathwaite, Sylvan Leacock.Match referee: Colin Bowen.Inspire Sports Wandereres v CGI Maple(at Dayrells Road)Toss: Maple; Pitch: hard; Weather: cloudy at first; Outfield: slow.WANDERERSN. Evans lbw b Ramsay    26M. Forde c Agard b Ramsay     1K. Edwards c Agard b Parris     98J. Greene c and b D. Oneal      0*+R. Arthur b Yearwood    34D. Stuart lbw b Yearwood    2I. Bradshaw c wk Worrell b D. Oneal     0C. Clarke-Reifer b D. Oneal     0M. Marshall not out    30S. Pinder b Roach     1G. Belle not out      6Extras (b4, lb5, nb3, w25)    37Penalties     6TOTAL (9 wkts – 46 overs)     241Wkts fell at: 8, 75, 76, 158, 168, 170, 170, 196, 206.Bowling: Roach 9-0-47-1, Ramsay 10-0-25-2, Brome 3-0-20-0, D. Oneal 9-0-44-3, Yearwood 9-1-44-2, Parris 4-0-30-1, E. Oneal 2-0-16-0.MAPLEP. Agard c Evans b Bradshaw    23R. Parris c Stuart b Marshall     18M. Albert c wk Arthur b Belle     9O. Kellman b Clarke-Reifer    21E. Oneal c Stuart b Pinder    8S. Ramsay c Bradshaw b Pinder    3*B. Yearwood  lbw b Clarke-Reifer    2K. Roach b Clarke-Reifer     44D. Oneal b Greene     24+C. Worrell not out    17K. Brome c wk Athur b Bradshaw     8Extras (b1, lb2, nb4, w8)     15TOTAL (all out – 44.4 overs)    192Wkts fell at: 41, 50, 72, 82, 89, 92, 95, 158, 167Bowling: Bradshaw 8.4-0-37-2, Clarke-Reifer 9-2-30-3, Belle 9-1-35-1, Marshall 3-0-19-1, Pinder 10-0-40-2, Greene 5-0-28-1.Result: Wanderers won by 49 runs.Points: Wanderers 4, Maple 0.Umpires: Dalton Holder, Andrew Watson.Match referee: Orlando Greenidge.ICBL Empire v Old Brigand Dover(at Bank Hall)Toss: Empire; Weather: partly cloudy to sunny with scattered showers; Pitch: firm; Outfield: lush.EMPIREJ. Haynes c Greenidge b Smith    34J. Parris c Taylor b Smith    42R. Hinds c Phillips b Smith     18K. Stoute c Brewster b Harte    47A. Holder c Hart b Smith    0S. Graham run out    51J. Searles c Taylor b Hurley     30*+J. Smith c Phillips b Hurley    0J. Hinds c *Armstrong b Hurley    10I. Perryman lbw b Greenidge    0J. Bernadin not out    0Extras (lb5, w8, nb1)    14TOTAL (all out – 42.2 overs)    246Wkts fell at: 70, 95, 112, 112, 179, 228, 228, 245, 246.Bowling: Phillips 9-1-36-0, Harte 8-1-54-1, Smith 9-0-68-4, Hurley 8.2-1-40-3, Greenidge 8-0-43-1DOVER M. Brewster b Perryman    0*S. Armstrong c Bernadin b J. Hinds    20+A. Roach run out    11S. Taylor c and b Bernadin    38J. Phillips lbw b R. Hinds    1W. Bruce c Searles b Bernadin    32H. Austin b Bernadin    0S. Smith b R. Hinds    7A. Greenidge lbw b Bernadin    3D. Hurley not out    9K .Harte b Holder    5Extras (lb3, w16, nb1)    20TOTAL (all out – 35 overs)    146Wkts fell at: 8, 28, 52, 62, 89, 97, 112, 128, 135Bowling: Perryman 7-1-31-1, J. Hinds 9-0-30-1, R. Hinds 8-1-30-2, Bernadin 8-0-42-4, Holder 3-0-10-1.Result: Empire won by 100 runs.Points: Empire 4, Dover 0.Umpires: Vincent Bullen, Whilbert Jordan.Match referee: Emerald Holder.