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Total chaos at hotel taxi stand


Total chaos at hotel taxi stand

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I AM A TAXI-DRIVER, and for the last four years I have been paying $200 per month to a co-operative to work at a hotel.

Prior to making my first payment, I was told that I would be made a member after three months probation.

Since then I have not been made a member.

What has me puzzled, is that there have been no meetings, no financial reports for these years and no new members to the co-op.

I asked for an explanation as to where my money was going and why I was not made a member after all this time.

What has me worried is that I went for a loan to buy a new car and was asked for a letter to show that I had a steady park at the hotel and was a member of the co-op.

I had nothing to show that I was a member of the co-op. I have written many letters to the manager of the hotel, to the registrar of co-operatives, and no one wants to talk to the president of the taxi co-op there.

The hotel is calling for top of the line cars, but you can’t buy these cars unless you are sure of your employment with them.

There is total chaos at the hotel’s taxi stand.

All we need is the organisation to be properly run and show to others that we black people can run things effectively and not be pushed around like prisoners.


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