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Uncle wants closure

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Roger Patrick, uncle of the late Kirk Patrick, is seeking some closure in the shooting death of his nephew.
 On Friday, August 13, Kirk was reportedly gunned down near his Hilltop, Princess Royal Avenue home in The Pine, and almost one month later, Roger is wondering why no arrest has yet been made.
“Barbados is a society where everybody knows what is going on with each other. Why is it that all the time crime is being committed people seem to be holding back information?
“People are always commenting on the police not doing their job but as a society we need to start stepping up to the plate and helping out in our community,” he said.
This 37-year-old, who spends most of his time in Pinelands these days comforting other family members, told the Daily Nation that in light of the recent incident in which six young women lost their lives to fire at the Campus Trendz store on Tudor Street, The City, the family of Kirk was once again grieving.
“It gone to another level of being hard because the family is grieving again. We just can’t believe Kirk gone and then somebody came and take six girls’ lives. There is no relationship between my family and the girls, but it sparks another set of [grief] for us and occasionally I hear Kirk’s mother call me.
“I know she is scared . . .  I was up there [Monday] and I hear so much gunshots ringing out in The Pine,” he said.
According to police public relations officer Inspector David Welch, there were no fresh leads but the police were still “actively” investigating. (MM)