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Dying mum: Ten docs missed my stomach cancer

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Dying mum: Ten docs missed my stomach cancer

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BIRMINGHAM, England – A mum of three has been given just weeks to live after ten hospital doctors and her own physician missed telltale signs of cancer.
Angela Skeffington, 43, claims blundering medics continually misdiagnosed her stomach cancer as period pains, depression and even indigestion.
She also claims one A&E doctor told her to just “eat more bananas” during her continued cries for help, which went on for five months.
Now after finally being admitted for a CT scan, she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer that has spread to her liver and lymph nodes. And medics have told her it is so advanced that they cannot operate.
The grandmother of five said she was treated like a “nuisance” after making “cries for help” to medical staff at Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, and her own doctor since April.
She told them she was experiencing severe stabbing pains in the stomach, passing blood and had lost her appetite.
But she was not given a CT scan until a week ago, when the killer disease was finally discovered.
Medical records show she was seen by ten doctors during 12 visits to Heartlands Hospital A&E, but suffered repeated misdiagnoses.
Doctors prescribed her paracetamol, but never admitted Angela, a former Yardley warehouse worker, back in for more tests until last week.
She added: “They wouldn’t listen to me . . . It makes me so angry that I won’t see my grandchildren grow up. That breaks my heart and is the worst thing in all of this. I had all the classic symptoms of cancer but no one did anything about it; now it is too late.”
Dr Doug Wulff, medical director at NHS Birmingham East and North said: “We would encourage the patient to contact us should [she] wish to take the matter further and we will undertake a full investigation.” (The SUN)