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BTA: 150 000 visitors needed

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

BTA: 150 000 visitors needed

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2:32 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 26, 2010 – A big tourism boost is coming.
That is if the Barbados Tourism Authority has its way.
President David Rice says they are hoping to have a record 150 000 visitors from the United States next year for the period January to September.
“In 2008, January to September coming out of the United States we had about 99 000 visitors to Barbados. The following year we had 83 000 for the same period. In 2010 we are back to the approximately 99 000 visitors out of the United States. I want to urge you to get us to 125 000 but we believe that out of the United States, there is no reason we can’t have 150 000 visitors,” Rice says.
He was speaking to agents from the United States visiting the island for a special seminar at the Hilton Hotel today. (MM)