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I CONFESS – Thanks to outside girl

marciadottin, [email protected]

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FOR A LONG TIME I wondered if my husband was being unfaithful, but it has become unbearable since he is telling lies and his movements are cagey.
He is going out every night and saying that he is going to look up friends, yet he is being seen with a female companion.
But I am on to him. The question is, why do women out there keep getting involved with married men? Don’t you have any sense at all?
Married men tell all sorts of lies, yet you women don’t seem to learn until you get a child and realise that the man is not leaving his family for a ready-made one.
My reason for speaking out here, though, is not to condemn women who go out with married men. Rather, it is to deal with the woman who is involved with my husband.
I want to thank you, whoever you are, for buying my husband’s clothes and cooking for him. At least he has some respect because he hides the dishes and I usually find them with the remnants of food.
I also want to thank you for accompanying him to the doctor as I was reliably informed.
I want to thank you especially for giving him the sex that you think is the ticket for him to leave me.
You must know that for all this time he has been fooling you, yet you get joy in taking care of him – I just love it.
My husband is cheating, yes, but do you think that I am going to leave him? No way, sister!
I am well provided for and he is there at my beck and call. As he is approaching midlife, I know that certain health problems will arise and I will be there for him.
Men do not realise that as a woman goes through menopause, they also go on pause – which is worse because of erectile dysfunction, diabetes, the whole shebang.
So enjoy him because I know at the moment he is disease-free, and if I’m up to it, he has to use not one but two condoms.
When you see me and try to dress like me, and brag to your friends that my husband sleeps with you and only poses with me, you better realise that you will end up the loser.
I can say this because I, too, was in your shoes. About 20 years ago, I was involved with a married man and, guess what? That man is still with the wife that he told me he could not stand. Get my point?
I have asked God for forgiveness for that indiscretion, so I’m free from that burden. But I learnt my lesson. In time you will, too, and I hope you can walk away like I did. Only then will you be convinced that you were nothing but a substitute.
So, my dear friend, you save me a lot of time and energy. I’m not going anywhere and I’m staying with my husband for better or worse, until death do us part.
Call me silly, but I was not the author of “those who God has joined together let no man put asunder”.
I rest my case.