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Altar Call – ‘Follow the Holy Spirit’

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Altar Call – ‘Follow the Holy Spirit’

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THERE IS A JOURNEY to holiness, and those who choose to take that journey are wise.
However, the journey cannot be made without the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
It was in an atmosphere of great reverence, worship and praise to God that United States preacher, Reverend Mackbeth Williams, spoke about the relevance of the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of believers.
He was conducting a five-night crusade, with an emphasis on holiness, at the Hillaby Church of the Nazarene, Hillaby, St Andrew, last week.
On Wednesday night when I visited, worship took centre stage, and many renewed their commitment and dedication to God as they yielded more of themselves to Him and for a greater outpouring of the Spirit of God in their lives.
When I arrived, the packed church was already worshipping in song and dance. Head of the church, Reverend Arthur Leonce, was among those who bowed and danced in worship before Almighty God, whose presence was strong in the sanctuary.
Williams began his sermon by stating that having the power of God was a necessity.
“We need power in our lives. Renewable energy is about using the power of the sun and wind. We assume that as long as we have these two we will always have natural power. In the natural world this may be true, but in the spiritual world we need The Son and the wind of the Holy Spirit,” he said.
He asked his congregation: “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? If you do not have the Holy Spirit’s power, you are lacking and falling short of the holiness which Christ promised.”Williams paid attention to Joel 2: 28 and 29, where God promised that in the latter days He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh; that old men would have dreams and young men would see visions – even upon servants and handmaids.
He also looked at the fulfilment of this prophecy in Act 1: 1-4, when the disciples received the baptism which Jesus had promised, while they waited in the upper room.
“How can we live our Christian lives without receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit? When you are baptised, the Holy Spirit gets within you and destroys sin, giving you the power to live a holy life.
“It’s about time we close the church doors and get serious with God. It’s about time we say, ‘God, I’m tired of the same old thing. I need change. I need something different’.”
He stated that Jesus told His disciples to wait for the gift of His Father, and so, they closed the doors and waited.
“These days we do not wait on God or pray and fast as we ought to.
“We need to take the Word of God as Jeremiah did and eat it.
“Just as the disciples were waiting for the promise of the Holy Spirit, you’ve got that same promise today,” Williams told the congregation.
“When God’s power begins to move in your lives, barriers are removed, lives changed, purified and, sanctified,” he added.
He urged his captivated audience not to leave prophecy to the calypsonians, or to those who offered daily horoscopes, but rather to allow the Spirit of God to lead and direct them into all truth.
“It seems like the church is not hearing from God anymore, and the world is telling us what is going to take place,” he stressed.
“Take hold of God’s Word and see what He has to say about the future.
“God does not want you to ask about what is happening in the world. He wants you to make things happen, through the power and work of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit is moving in the Church but do not let it pass you by,” he warned.
As an altar call was made for special prayer and for God’s Spirit to work within those present, the worship team sang the words of Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Saviour.
Many knelt and bowed at the altar.• To have your church featured in Altar Call, please call Cheryl Harewood at 430-5494 or Email: [email protected]