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Dominica to review crime laws

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ROSEAU, Dominica – Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said today that his administration would have to review existing legislation as the government moves to deal with an upsurge in crime in Dominica.
Speaking on the state-owned DBS radio, Skerrit said that among the concerns of the public “is how to treat with those persons who have allegedly murdered other individuals.
He said the public was concern about that in some cases, persons who have committed murders were released “the next day having being bailed
“The public has particular concerns and therefore I believe the State, the government has to look the state agencies and the regime of legislation which are on the books now and to see which ones have to be solidified …to send a very clear message to people,” he said.
Police said six people had been murdered here during the past two weeks and National Security Minister Charles Savarin described the situation is “unusual” for Dominica.
“We have had a very difficult month of September. I do not believe if we go through the records we will find any other month in which we had perhaps six or seven persons losing their lives as a result of homicides.
“That is worrying for the government, that is worrying for the police, that is worrying for the people,” Savarin said, describing one of the murders as “a crime of a special nature”.
“We as yet not arrested anyone, the police are investigating there are various theories,” he said, noting that people were now engaging in physical violence as a means of dispute resolution.
Acting Police Commissioner Cyrille Corette has blamed a break down in family values as among the factors contributing to the rise in criminal activities here. (CMC)