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O, for another puff by the sea!


O, for another puff by the sea!

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I SAW THE BIG SUNDAY SUN advertisement by the Ministry of Health seeking to explain the legislation on the smoking ban in public places, effective October 1.

It took a lot of reading, which I did from top to bottom; but I am afraid I am more confused now than ever.

My fear is that this measure, though well intended, will cause much confusion among business owners, particularly people who operate small beach bars.

I go to one every Friday to chill out over a quiet drink and a smoke.

The bar looks out to the sea, and where almost all the patrons gather is covered by a coconut palm; there are no partitions nor windows.

Should I return to my favourite bar this week, would its owner be breaking the law if he allowed me to smoke while enjoying the tranquility of the ocean?


Editor’s Note: Definitely yes.