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There’s a time to heal, and a time…


There’s a time to heal, and a time…

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RE YOUR SUNDAY SUN September 12 article PM’s Missed Chance, I think the writer showed no feelings.

We live together in houses, work in offices and play sports with colleagues for many years, and we keep the slightest of sickness to ourselves.

The move by Prime Minister David Thompson is commendable and shows guts.

He came on national television and stated his health issue, which he could have kept to himself and his family.

Under doctor’s orders

Thompson was perhaps under doctor’s orders to take it easy – because, knowing him as a person who loves people, he would have made an official appearance or statement concerning the fatal City blaze of September 3.

Then was not the time for us to be having discussions about the Prime Minister’s “missed chance” when our nation was hurting over a senseless act that took the lives of six beautiful young women.

Let us be patient with our Prime Minister, and let him have all the time he needs to heal.