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Limegrove wall worry

by Gercine Carter

Limegrove wall worry

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Some west coast residents are upset while counting clean-up costs, following last weekend’s flooding, and are wondering whether a wall separating them from a construction site in the area could have been responsible.
Homeowners at Limegove, a housing development near Holetown, told the DAILY NATION flood water had invaded their homes and surrounding areas on Sunday, October 3, leaving behind waterlogged rooms, high losses in household effects and in some cases parked motor vehicles so damaged by the water that they could no longer be used.
Canadian-born Barbadian citizen Donna Morgan, who has owned a house at Limegrove for 30 years, said: “We are used to flooding, but not like this.”Morgan said a wall built two years ago to separate the Limegrove housing development from a nearby construction site, may have contributed to the flooding. 
The homeowner stressed she was not complaining about the wall since she believed the project it enclosed would enhance nearby property values.
Other irate occupants blamed their extensive flood losses on the presence of the wall, though conceding their preference not to make a fuss about the issue was in the interest of good neighbourly relations.
However, Canadian resident and Limegrove homeowner Shirley Greenberg wrote in an email: “Several of the small villas built on the property in 1970 of which I am one owner have been severely damaged with water, mud and sewage entering the ground floor to the height of two to three feet”.
“The overflow also filled cars parked in the parking area.”
Developer of the $100 million Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Paul Altman, said he had proposed to Limegrove residents to build “new houses on higher ground at no cost” when he started his project, but the offer had not been accepted.
He also said the wall in question had been built “with their blessings”.